What is a Periodontist?


A healthy person who is walking, eating and having fun is least concerned about the oral cavity and its problems. You need to know that healthy oral cavity is the basis of healthy life where as if your oral cavity if full of bacteria. It may lead you to have bad health concerns. Most of the time people generalize oral cavity problem with teeth, like pain in teeth, plaque, tarter or broken teeth. Many of the people around us never bother about the bleeding gums. It is because of lack of awareness among the people around us.

Thought provoking facts:

Have you ever noticed the colour of your gums? Have you ever noticed the changing colour of the gums? Have you ever taken serious measure when your gums are bleeding?

People don’t care about these things much and least pushed to know the doctor who treats all these problems. The problems related to the gums are treated by a person known as Periodontist.

Periodontist and awareness facts:

A periodontist is one of the types of dentist you, me and many have never heard of. This is a specialized profession that deals with diseases that are related to gums and their characteristics. When you will contact the periodontist? When is the right time?

Alarming situation!!

Whenever you see your gums are bleeding soon after brushing or eating, that is the right time to contact the Periodontist. If you feel you have pain or burning feeling in gums after eating, you must consult the Periodontist to check your gums as desired. Periodontist provides you healthy gums that leads to healthy life away from algae or bacteria.

Key features Periodentology offers:

You might have never heard of Periodentology because it not common is use. Roseburg dentist is the only word that mostly known for the treatment of oral cavity. But the Periodontist is a specialized doctor that is related to the diseases of gums. Gums are mostly pink in colour and that the emblem and omen of healthy oral cavity by all means. When your gums are changing colour or you have any problem like continuous bruising while brushing, eating or even drinking, that is the case that leads to Periodontist.

You might have a question in mind that Periodontist is only the doctor of gums? Periodontist only treats gums and nothing else in the oral cavity?

Oral cavity has many concerns like issues related to jawbone, medically known as the alveolar process. The problem with the alveolar process mostly arises in women where the issues related to jaw bone deterioration, destruction or inflammation can cause the loss of teeth. The problems related to jaw sockets are treated by the Periodontists.

There are tissues in the oral cavity that joins the teeth to the gums. The biologically known as the cementum that helps protect the roots of the teeth from any mishap. The cementum connects the alveolar bone to the teeth with the help of ligament periodontal. The Periodontal ligament is made of 70 percent of water that is supporting teeth and gums. The cementum treatment is also done by Periodontists.

Appointments and surgeries:

Foremost the Periodontist will take your new X-Rays on the first appointment to know what the position of gums at the moment is. While examining the doctor will ask about your concerning health issues, either you have diabetes or any medicine you are allergic to. Try to have your full medical report while visiting the Periodontist. If your gums need the surgery or they will be fixed by any medicine the doctor will recommend you soon after your detailed examination.

Be truthful to the doctor; don’t hide any health issues or intake habits.


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